Cap Oracles - Updated

Currently, the majority of the inner workings of the natively built oracle system being used in Cap are remaining unrevealed so as not to inform the competition. After launch, the code will be open sourced. In the meantime, here is some of what we do know about the oracle being used, pieced together from things the Devs have made known to the community. (some conjecture is used in the writing style, where necessary)

  • By using simplicity and trimming the ‘fat’ off the protocol, allows the oracle to scale way beyond what Chainlink and others are capable of doing.
  • Cap’s functional, simplistic design, helps eliminate congesting the oracle queue with unnecessary load, and costs, as it can become expensive to have features that incur cost by constantly needing to query the oracle.
  • The oracle works like Chainlink with respect to (nodes being independent) original quote taken from: “The oracle network works like chainlink, independently” - Abe
  • The oracle supports FIGI by default, so you can look up 1000’s of non crypto asset’s identifying name.
  • As of current, the oracle system is up and running flawlessly on testnet

How does CAP punish malicious oracles?

I see Abe has mentioned malicious oracles can be removed through governance. But governance votes takes 7 days to implement. Is it not too long to act on malicious oracles?

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We will have to wait to find out more details as they are released, as I mentioned, much is being held back, so as not to tip off competition. What I have posted, is all we really know at this point in time. As soon as more info comes out, I will be sure to update the thread.