Identify risks and potential mitigations due to having a CAP holder with more than 50% of all CAP liquidity

One CAP holder holds 54000 tokens, making the governance effectivity “limited”. Goal of this topic is to list all identified risks of the situation, and mitigations actions for each of them.

Description will be updated with listed risks in comments, as well as their mitigation when they seems to satisfy the community.

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My understanding is that this a trusted partner of the team. It makes sense on their part to offset the risk of the platform launching with people uninterested in governance or a random uniswap pool sniper grabbing up the supply and holding it hostage

Exactly, in the spirit of decentralization, it was launched on Uniswap this way, in theory, anyone could have ended up competing for the buy. I think it would only make sense for a self funded project, to have some tokens, and if the founders believed it to be a treat, I think they would be the first to say this and to try and mitigate it. This leads me to believe that they are indeed trusted.

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