Main Net Launch Insights (Soft Launch)

Feel free to use this thread to discuss all things that involve the Cap main net in its current soft launch phase. Whether it be about the oracle network, liquidations, P/L, parameters, assets, treasury, etc. Share your feedback of the protocol if you’re a trader and let’s try to get some good insights of its performance :slight_smile:

I think it would be good to remove friction and incentivize governance and voting. Currently, it costs gas to stake and vote, with no direct reward to the participant. We could accomplish this with a proposal to reward staking and voting by earning either DAI from treasury or CAP from the 20k. Thoughts?

While I agree that is somehow costly to vote, I think that at this stage is more an investment than an expense.
Staking has the opportunity cost, I agree, but with the expedited vote you minimize this problem.

Maybe a good idea will be to set up a small fund for expenses like submit new proposals, etc.

As we get to proposals for the treasury, a distribution to CAP stakers and voters would be a possibility.

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