What's up lads?

how’s everyone doing


I’m good, mate. Just chilling in my wagie cagie

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Look at this nifty site

Nicely done! Glad this step is covered! I have a Trello board set up for project management use as well: https://trello.com/b/Fzm5w8nl/capfinance (use it for development needs?)

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Hey, glad to see someone took the initiative. Now I have a place to park some info.

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Jacob, why don’t you make the Trello board public?

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Great, done - public now.

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So, anyone else find it a bit daunting to think that the community in general will be in control of Cap’s decisions and direction after main?

I would feel more reassured knowing a few people that hold a good bag of voting tokens, that knew how all this works, making decisions.

Any thoughts on vote delegation?

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Well the 54k holder and the partners using the locked 20k for governance only will have the majority say. I’m assuming they’re prominent DeFi people

I suppose, I haven’t really considered the 20K being used just for voting, that would make good sense.

Yeah that’s what Abe said

“We think the best path is to mint these to governance staked contracts controlled by trusted partners for the first 24 months. This lets trusted partners guide the system with some influence on the vote, protecting Cap from malign actors. After the 24 months, they are partially or fully burned”

So these tokens will be locked and only used for voting :slight_smile:

Oh, that’s great, I feel much better with this scenario rather than many other idea’s with what to do with them.