Where can Cap's value go?

Cap Exchange opens a variety of options, all of the biggest names in stock and crypto market betting opens up a new idea of a free market. You are now given the accessibility, and are equally encouraged to open and trade leveraged bitcoin positions as you are with Apple or Tesla. The top market cap cryptos have use case and high assurance impeding claimable value. Cap is a novel project in retrospect to the rest of the web3 developing community. Do you guys trust in your tokenomics on the Cap finance platform to encourage coming investors to stake cap tokens on the governance platform? Yes, surely with the value of Cap going up, you would presume ability to trade for dai, which you would then deposit to the cap protocol and place leveraged short/long spot positions. Liquidation is a factor of the market, but that’s seperate from Cap’s staking supply keeping in mind it’s token distribution. Nonetheless– and aside from everything else having to do with Cap’s token and token value– the staking process was released with little to no incentive, possibly leaving governance proposals in the hands of investors with prior knowledge on first moving crypto investment strategies. Potentially every investor in cap probably owns ethereum, and a secure web3 wallet. Cap’s 100k supply leaves it at a cheap value at any given moment, until the program is more widely used. Given Cap is set up on the blockchain, what are your price predictions for cap’s token in relation to forseeable network congestion given the success of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Defi as a whole?

Network congestion (high gas fees) are a limiting factor for new users and low volume traders, for sure, but of course this is not at all unique to $CAP. The price will depend on the growth of crypto and DeFi overall, but my first target is $1000.